Scrapbook Digitization Update (4/9/20)

This week in class, we learned about digital identities and created our own portfolios. Things have been alright overall, but I’ve definitely found it hard to keep up motivation on our project, and I think my group is feeling the same way. I’m thankful that we’re still working in groups, though, because the bi-weekly meetings really help me to feel some sense of regularity and social connection. Our deadline is approaching, though we don’t have a ton left to do: on my part, all I have left is creating the twitterbot, adding photos to the NextGen gallery, and editing the narrative, though I can’t edit until we’ve written our biography of Anne Martin Wilson. My group’s been doing a really good job at staying in touch and keeping up with their work, and I think we all make a good team.

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  1. I feel very similar about my group’s biweekly meetings. On one hand, it keeps you motivated because it reminds you you’ve got responsibilities you shouldn’t be neglecting. And on the other, it’s uplifting, too – it reminds you you’re part of a team, and that you’re striving towards your end goal as a group.

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