Scrapbook Digitization Update (2/5/20)

This afternoon, Glynnis, Emily, and I met with Jeanette Cadwallender and Florence Barnick, the sisters who commissioned our project. We discussed our ideas with them, and they responded positively; they were excited that someone wanted to take over the project, as they had been the only ones working on it up until now. We were surprised to learn that the sisters had no idea that their mother had been keeping scrapbooks until they found them, and they were happy to know that they are being digitized for public use. We talked a bit about their family and their connection to Fredericksburg, and Florence and Jeanette emphasized that they would like a┬átheme of our site to be about the community impact of their mother’s volunteer work. They provided us with additional resources and told us to feel free to keep in touch; overall, the meeting was a great experience, and I look forward to continuing to work with the sisters.

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