Scrapbook Digitization Update (2/14/20)

Since my last update, the group has created two inventories: one for items present in each box, and the other for the items we would specifically like to scan. We’ve met four times outside of class within the past week, though I have only been able to attend two of those meetings. This week has been incredibly productive.

Today, we met in the Digital Archiving Lab to start our scans. Angie taught us file naming protocol and how to use the scanners, and we were surprised to find that the Cobra camera takes only seconds to take pictures of each item; we were initially under the impression that it would take 4 minutes per scan. Though we set out to scan 15 items today, we managed to take care of twice as many within about an hour; this means that we will be able to scan much more than we had originally anticipated. We still have to convert each image to a .png file to store on our webpage, but we may end up doing that once we’ve finished all the scans we need.

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  1. Holy cow, I would feel awful for you guys if you had to wait four minutes per scan! How much do y’all have to digitize? I hope it is moving along well! taking higher resolution images and compressing them may be a problem I run into for our website, what would be the best place to look for advice on that?

    1. We have a choice as to how much we will digitize, but we do want to do as much as we can with what time we have. I’m not sure about advice, but my group, at least, is going to use photoshop to convert our .tiff files to .png’s. Good luck with your project!

  2. I understand your group’s worries about scanning for the first time in the Digital Archiving Lab. Your impression that it would take 4 minutes to scan is accurate if you were using the Epscon scanners like we are doing for the Civil War Letters. I can’t wait to see the final product!

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