Progress Report (4/14/20)

For our final progress report, my group has once again decided to divide our individual blog posts into five topics: Piper is focusing on transcription, Glynnis has troubleshooting, Erin is handling accessibility, Emily is writing about forming a narrative, and I’m doing mine on WordPress galleries.

Yesterday, we finally uploaded our images into the NextGen Gallery, as we had planned to do for awhile. Unfortunately, we found that NextGen places descriptions, rather than captions, over top of the photos, and some of our photographs were completely covered by their descriptions. As a result, we played around with a few options and eventually decided that it would be better to use WordPress’ default galleries and link the images to attachment pages because it would show both our captions and descriptions without covering our images. In fact, we actually prefer the way the default galleries look.

As a general update, today we went through and tied up any loose ends we could find, such as improving accessibility, providing links to other parts of the site, and making sure everything is placed logically. Emily and Glynnis also worked quite a bit on forming a narrative. As of right now, all we need to do is finish our narrative, fix our family tree, add anchor links to “Me and Mine,” finish our “Contributors” page, and create our TwitterBot. We are very happy that our website is coming together as it is, since it’s exactly what we had envisioned and planned on before we were sent home for the remainder of the semester.

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