Progress Report (4/1/20)

For our progress report, my group has once again decided to divide our individual blog posts into five topics: Piper is focusing on transcription, Glynnis has captioning, Erin is handling future scheduling and communication, Emily is writing about research, and I’m doing mine on photograph identification.

Not much has changed in the past week as far as our project progress goes, though we have focused more on the website directly, doing things such as captioning, transcription, and accessibility work. While I was attempting to help Glynnis caption earlier this week, however, I noticed that some of the people in a set of photos we had scanned were unidentified. This put a damper in our plans to finish captioning that day, so I emailed Angie to see if she might be able to identify the figures. She messaged her co-worker Sarah, another librarian, who provided us with the needed information within the day. We should be able to complete our captioning tomorrow, as long as everything continues to go to plan.

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