Progress Report (3/23/20)

For our progress report, my group has decided to divide our individual blog posts into five topics: Piper is focusing on online communication, Glynnis has captioning, Erin is handling scheduling, Emily is writing about research, and I’m doing mine on our use of tiff files.

On our site, we will feature galleries of pngs of our scans for basic usage and viewing. Below them, we will include multiple zip files that contain our tiffs. We plan on including those for research purposes, as tiffs are used for preservation-grade file-keeping. We currently have them saved onto two flash drives that I have in my possession, since fortunately, Glynnis, Piper, and I were able to work with Angie to organize them and finalize our work in the DAL before we left the school for the semester. We also have copies of those tiffs saved in a zip file on my laptop, though the zip file size is too big to include on our wordpress site; as a result, we will have to break the zip down into smaller files. We could do that either by focus, by original box number, or by artifact, but that is up to the group to decide. Another option could be to store the zip file on dropbox and simply provide a link on our WordPress site.

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  1. Thank you for doing work on the .tiffs! I think that organizing the .tiffs by individual (Anne, Katherine, etc.) could be beneficial to audiences, however, drop box would be a great idea to keep everything together.

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