Hello! My name is Mady May, and I am a Communication and Digital Studies and Studio Art double-major. I decided to take HIST 428 because I have an interest in digital rhetoric and how it might be used to influence the public’s views on history, just as textbooks have before. I also am hopeful to learn to use new programs and tools as resume-builders, and I am excited to work in the Fredericksburg community as well.

The difference between Digital History and Digital Humanities seems to be that Digital History is a subset of Digital Humanities, specifically catered towards historians and their students. Digital Humanities, the overarching field, aims to digitize educational tools for common use, often appearing in the form of blogs, databases, and open-sourced tools. Digital History is less prevalent than many other subsets of Digital Humanities because historical primary sources often go unpublished; this means that digitizing these sources for public use, (especially through new visualizations), is vital to our cultural understanding of history overall.

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  1. Hi Mady, I am also interested in how digital history and rhetoric can be used to share information with the public. I’m looking forward to working with you this semester! I think it will be really nice to work in the local community.

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